LLC Tandem LTD – one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of polypropylene woven packing and packaging products. The company carries out a complete production cycle from raw materials to finished products.

Our products combine highest quality, special strength and durability.

Delivery is made throughout Ukraine and abroad.

If necessary, we will send you our products samples to your address.

We do not only produce and sell high-quality products but also we do our best to meet the growing demands and needs of our customers.

Polypropylene Woven Flat Bags Polypropylene Woven Laminated Block Bottom Bags (AD*STAR type) Polypropylene Woven Leno / Mesh Bags
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FIBC’s (Big Bags / Jumbo Bags) Roofing Film (vapour-/waterproof) Popypropylene Woven Fabric
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Polypropylene Agrotextile . .
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