About us

LLC Tandem LTD

- one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of polypropylene woven packing and packaging products.

The company carries out a complete production cycle from raw materials to finished products.

The company was founded in 1993. The intensive development of production takes place due to the innovative equipment from Austrian company Starlinger for production of polypropylene packaging. At the present time the company manufactures a variety of products under brand name “Kievpolypak’S” that is much in demand among the Ukrainian and foreign consumers.

The modern equipment, continuous development and technologies improvement, high professional level of the staff of 350 specialists enable us to produce goods of high quality that satisfy high-level requirements of customers. The experienced managers offer consultations for the consumers regarding products that we manufacture, help to find the optimum packaging solution for your goods considering all demands and wishes.

All the products of LLC Tandem LTD are certified. Quality control system according to the requirements ISO 9001 is implemented at the enterprise.

We offer a new generation of packaging that meets European standards.



The product range is quite wide: from polypropylene fabrics of different density and width, one or both sides laminated  and non-laminated, bags with variety of structures sizes with full color (up to 6 colors) printing and without it, as well as Big Bags / FIBCs and other articles from polypropylene fabric.

On the customer’s wish and request the bags can be varied: open and valve, flat and block bottom, perforated or, on the contrary, with ultra-reliable protection against the ingress of moisture. Besides, the bags may be of different colors and may have multicolor flexoprint.

Also we produce the leno / mesh bags that are perfect for fruits and vegetables packing.

For the purposes of construction industry and agribusiness we set up the production of the polypropylene and laminated fabrics that have wonderful operating characteristics, resistant to ultra-violet rays, transpiring (due to surface microperforation) or vapor and moisture resistant, elastic and tear proof at the same time.



The main consumers of goods of brand “Kievpolypak’s” are the enterprises of chemical and food production, manufacturers of cement , animal feeds, mineral fertilizers and other non-cohesive materials. Our products were highly appreciated by such the biggest companies not only in Ukraine but abroad.

Roofing Films under “Kievpolypak’s” trademark are sold to the population in the construction shops of Epicenter trading network.