Polypropylene Woven Laminated Block Bottom Bags (AD*STAR Type)

  ad_starPolypropylene Woven Laminated Block Bottom Bags (AD*STAR Type)

are manufactured on modern equipment and by license of the Austrian company “Starlinger”.

A distinctive feature of AD*STAR® bags is that they are box-shaped, made of laminated polypropylene fabric and therefore have exceptional strength and resistance to moisture.

It is possible to produce AD​​*STAR® bags in which the product is filled either through the valve (Scheme 1) or through the open mouth (Scheme 2).

It is possible to apply 6-color flexographic printing on both sides of the bag, as well as on the side surface and bottom.

Our equipment allows you to make bags of such sizes:

 A (width) 40 – 60 cm
 B (length) 47 – 90 cm
 C (bottom width) 8 – 16 cm
 D (valve length) 8 – 20 cm
 E (valve width) 8 – 16 cm

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