Polypropylene Agrotextile

Agrotextile – a lightweight woven fabric that provides fast growth, early maturing and a good harvest of vegetables and fruits. Besides Agrotextile prevents the growth of weeds, protects plants from insects and birds, and protects plants from frost. Agrotextile placed directly on a bed and does not require a frame structure. Perfectly watertight, air.
Color of cloth material: green + black (with green stripes).

Agrotextile density: 100 g/m².

Agrotextile features:

  • delays growth of weeds;
  • blocks access of light to the ground;
  • allows to maintain the necessary soil moisture;
  • passes the water and the air very well;
  • raises the soil temperature;
  • is not exposed to rotting processes when in contact with water;
  • marking of striped fabric makes it easy to fit in the beds.
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