Polypropylene Woven Flat Bags

Polypropylene Flat Bags are produced by our company with modern equipment of Austrian company – Starlinger. They are used for packing loose products (sugar, cereals, salt, animal feed, fertilizer, building materials, chemical products, etc.).

Bags may be manufactured:

  • from laminated or not laminated fabrics;
  • with density from 58 to 100 g/m²;
  • with loading capacity from 5 to 70 kg;
  • with side folds (Scheme 1) or without them (Scheme 2);
  • with stitched or thermally cutted top;
  • with sewn in polyethylene innerliner;
  • with single or double bottom seam;
  • with 6-color flexographic printing on one or both sides.
  • Our equipment allows to produce bags of following sizes:

    A (width) 35 – 85 cm
    B (length) 45 – 129 cm
    C (gussets width) 3 – 9 cm

    In order to place an order for manufacturing you shall fill in the questionnaire!