Polypropylene Fabric

The company mastered the polypropylene fabric production of different assortment. The fabric may be laminated and non-laminated in the form of a tube with width from 20 to 200 cm and a flat fabric with width from 20 to 340 cm.

Fabric color is white or any other on request.

The range of fabric density is from 50 to 200 g/m².

Basically polypropylene fabric used for making bags and flexible containers, for sewing of linerbags and innerliners for wagons and gondolas.

Polypropylene fabric is also widely used in other industries:

  • in agriculture in order to protect cultural plants from weeds, to protect soil from erosion, to retain moisture and to prevent sharp fluctuations in temperature in early spring; (See Agrotextile)
  • in the process of furniture manufacturing;
  • in the process of liquid industrial concrete floors of buildings manufacturing;
  • while performing repair works on the facades of buildings as a windproofing;
    (See Roofing film)
  • for packaging of equipment;
  • for covering lumber and cargo during transportation;
  • for rubber and tire industrial storage.
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