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Polypropylene Agrotextile

Agrotextile is a lightweight woven material that provides rapid growth, early maturation and a good harvest of vegetables and fruits. In addition, agrotextile inhibits the growth of weeds, protects plants from insects and birds and also protects plants from frost. Agrotextile is laid directly on the bed and does not require a frame structure. Perfectly passes water, air.

Color of fabric material: green with black stripes.
Agrotextile density: 100 g/m2.

Agrotextile characteristics:

  • delay the growth of weeds;

  • block the access of light to the soil;

  • allow you to maintain the required soil moisture;

  • well pass water and air;

  • raise the temperature of the soil;

  • are not subject to rotting processes in contact with water;

  • fabric marking with strip simplifies landing on the beds.


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