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Roofing Film (vapour-/waterproof)

Roofing film is made of polypropylene fabric which the laminate as a melt blend of polypropylene with polyethylene is applied by extrusion on one or both sides.

It has exceptional mechanical strength and elasticity.

Due to special additives it provides resistance to UV radiation for 3 to 6 months. After installation of the film the heat insulation and the roof structure will be protected from the effects of rainfall up to finish the installation of roofing.


LLC ‘Tandem LTD’ manufacrures films of two types:

  • Waterproofing (Water Barrier);

  • Vaporproofing (Vapor Barrier).

For visual difference, waterproofing film is marked with blue strip, and vaporproofing with red one.

  Waterproofing (Water Barrier) Roofing film is used to protect from precipitation of structural elements of the roof and insulation. It is used in ventilated roofing systems with an air gap between the film, which is attached directly to the plane of the rafters and roofing (metal profile, slate, ceramic tile, etc.), attached to the crate. (See the installation diagram)

On the entire surface of waterproofing film there is an applied microperforation permeable to vapor coming from the internal structure of the premises, but impermeable to condensed moisture on the side facing the roof covering. Due to the air gap over the film, moisture and vapor are removed from the roof space in the ridge of the roof where ventilation gap settles.

  Vaporproofing (Vapor Barrier) Roofing film is used in pitched and flat roofs as well as in wall structures for protection from moisture saturation in the internal insulation of residential or industrial premises with vapor formed in the course of their operation.

Vaporproofing film, in contrast to the waterproofing, has no microperforation and because of this is vapor impermeable.

Vaporproofing film is mounted to the obliquely and vertically arranged elements of the roof and wall structure from the inside of the room before the heat insulating layer. (See the installation diagram).

Technical characteristics of Roofing film
Film Type Waterproofing (water barrier) Vaporproofing (vapor barrier)
Width, cm 150 150
Length, m 50 50
Square, m² 75 75
Density, g/m² from 65 to 120 from 65 to 120
Vapor permeability, g/m² for 24 hrs not less than 40 not more than 1,5
Tenacity, N/5cm not less than 300 not less than 300


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